Training Videos

The Partners for Safe Teen Driving Program, which served as the model for the state, teaches parents about current state driving laws, discusses techniques for coaching teens, empowers parents to assist their students in managing the high risk driving environment in our community, and offers other essential safety information.

Watch a 45-minute presentation for parents and teen drivers:

  • CLICK HERE for information about the parents' role in teen driving
  • CLICK HERE to learn how parents are role models for the road
  • CLICK HERE for a review of the dangers of teen driving
  • CLICK HERE for information about getting a license
  • CLICK HERE for a review of safe driving skills
  • CLICK HERE for the conclusion

Haunting Video Focuses on the Aftermath of Texting and Driving
This video focuses on people who know the horrors of texting and driving firsthand. This documentary, 'From One Second to the Next' shows the shattering results. It focuses on four accidents, some of them fatal, in which ledgenday filmmaker Werner Herzog aims his camera squarely at the faces of both victims and perpetrators, asking them to describe in detail what happened and the aftermath.

CLICK HERE to watch and take the pledge to never text and drive.