About the Campaign

Partners for Safe Teen Driving is a community health initiative aimed at reducing the incidences of teenage automobile crashes, injuries and fatalities in Virginia by assisting school divisions and communities in the development and implementation of local Partners for Safe Teen Driving programs.  The program teaches parents:

  • How to coach their teenagers as they learn to drive
  • Virginia’s laws as they relate to teenage driving and restrictions
  • The newest driving techniques
  • Virginia’s licensing process


The vision of Partners for Safe Teen Driving is to educate parents and teenage drivers with an emphasis and commitment to safe and responsible driving.


  • To educate parents about new driving techniques and how to become good role models for their teen's driving behavior.
  • To educate parents about their role in supporting existing state licensing laws and promoting safe driving practices.
  • To develop a multimedia awareness campaign addressing risk and risk-taking behaviors of the novice teen driver.
  • To form alliances with business communities in Virginia to promote teenage safe driving practices and reinforce state licensing procedures and laws.
  • To provide instructional materials to enable parents and teens to assess their risk and modify risk-taking behaviors.
  • To form alliances with Virginia law enforcement agencies to sustain, apply, and educate teens concerning safe and responsible driving habits.