Virginia Mandate

The Partners for Safe Teen Driving is offered in accordance with Senate Bill 78

Requires the Board of Education to include an additional minimum 90-minute parent/student driver education component as part of the classroom portion of its driver education program for all public school divisions and provides that participation in such component shall be required in Planning District 8 (Northern Virginia) and shall be encouraged but shall not be required outside of Planning District 8. Under current law, participation in such parent/student driver education component is required in Planning District 8 and optional outside of Planning District 8. The bill also requires such parent/student driver education component to emphasize the dangers of distracted driving.

School divisions in District 8 have seen a significant reduction in the number of car crashes involving teen drivers since the program was implemented.  Per capita, students in District 8 have half as many crashes as those in the rest of Virginia. The Partners for Safe Teen Driving program, which serves as the model for the state, teaches parents/guardians and students about current state driving laws, discusses techniques for coaching teens, empowers parents to assist their students in managing the high risk driving environment in our community, and offers other essential safety information.