Training Kit

Below are sample documents that have been used in school divisions that have started Safe Teen Driving programs.  You may use these documents as provided here or tailor them to your community.

Parent Guide: What You Need to Know Before Your Teen Drives
Color Brochure
Summarizes Virginia driving laws concerning teens and provides tips.

Parent Packet

These are sample documents that may be included in a folder given to parents who attend the training sessions.

Parent Meeting Agenda
Sample agenda for the parent awareness meetings.

Parent Guide for Teaching Your Teenager to Drive
16-page brochure that provides parents with some ideas and tips for teaching their teenagers to drive.

Coaching Your Teen Driver
One page of information with tips about how parents can coach their teenager’s driving.

Letter from Chief of Police
Sample letter from the Prince William County Chief of Police endorsing the Safe Teen Driving program in Prince William County.  A similar letter from the Chief of Police or sheriff in your community gives importance to the program.

Letter from the Superintendent
Sample letter from the Prince William County Superintendent of Schools supporting the Safe Teen Driving program. 

Driver Education Requirements
Summary of the driver education requirements.

Obtaining a Driver’s License in Virginia
Summary of the licensing process.

Traffic Laws
Summary of traffic laws most often violated by teen drivers.

How Do I Insure My Teenage Driver
Basic information about insuring teen drivers.

Parent-Teen Driving Contract
Sample contract between parents and teenagers detailing rules, expectations, and consequences.

What Do I Do Now?
What to do in case of an accident.

Certificate of Completion
Sample certificate that may be presented to parents who complete the Safe Teen Driving awareness session.

Meeting Evaluation Form
One-page evaluation form for parents to provide their feedback about the program.

Evaluation Survey Template
Excel file can be used to summarize the results of evaluations of the parent training program.

Documents that Will Help Organize Parent Awareness Meetings

The documents in this section will help school divisions and community hold successful meetings with parents.

How to Have a Successful Program
This includes information on: advertising meetings, identifying personnel and presenters for the training sessions, developing a checklist for a successful meeting; and preparing key points fro the presentation. (Word file)

Meeting Sign
Sample meeting sign directing parents to location of meeting.

Insuring the Teen Driver Presentation Outline
This is an outline that may be used by an insurance representative during the parent training sessions.


All of this artwork may be used and altered to include the name of your school division or community so that you may begin parent training sessions.

Partners for Safe Teen Driving Logo

Partners for Safe Teen Driving Artwork

Training Folder
Folder jacket for papers given out at parent awareness meetings

Magnetic Sign for Student Driver
Artwork that can be turned into a magnetic sign that is attached to a car when a teenager is learning to drive.