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Parents have the most important influence on their teen's driving behaviors. In Virginia parents/guardians are required to complete 45 hours of behind-the-wheel practice with their teens. Parents/guardians are also given the authority to withhold driving privileges from their teens, if necessary.

Driving can be very dangerous for new, inexperienced teen drivers. However, many parents have inadequate information about how to help their teens gain crucial driving skills and practice.

The Partners for Safe Teen Driving program helps school divisions provide training for parents and their teens before the teens are issued licenses. At the meetings, parents get information about Virginia’s graduated licensing procedures, current driving techniques, how to teach a teen to drive, and more.  In parents/guardian and student survey results, parents/guardians are very supportive of the training with approximately 95% of parents/guardians who attend this program stating that it’s a valuable use of time.  

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