Virginia Laws

New Driver in the House?

Go to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles web page at for a summary of information about:

  • When to apply for a learner’s permit
  • Passenger restrictions
  • Curfew restrictions
  • And more . . .

Additional information about applying for a learner’s permit is available at


Each year, motor vehicle crashes claim almost 42,000 lives, cause millions of injuries, and cost more than $150 billion in damages. Motor vehicle crashes are not accidents. They are the result of bad decisions and risky behaviors. You make the decisions! Before you turn the ignition key on, be sure you have made a commitment to drive safely. Your life, your friends' lives, or innocent people's lives and health are at stake. Driving is the most dangerous activity we do daily. Take it seriously! Choose not to drink or use drugs. Never ride with someone who has been drinking or using drugs. Make sure everyone is buckled up. If small children are riding with you, make sure they are securely placed in a child safety seat, booster seat, or safety belt. You have a responsibility to your community when you drive on the highway. Use your common sense and drive safely.


You give the right to drive to your children.  Please take a moment to consider the following:

  • As a parent, you know your teen's skills and maturity.  Is he or she ready to accept the responsibility to drive?
  • Do you know the laws?  If you don't, you should not expect your teen to know them or obey them.
  • You can give permission to drive and you can take it away. Until your child turns 18, you have the right to withhold or cancel the learner's permit or the driver's license for any reason you deem necessary. Your teen may reapply after a six-month wait.

Virginia Businesses

Teens work for you and they are valuable customers. It is critical that the business community makes a pledge to the safety and well being of Virginia teens. If you have teens as employees, do you:

  • Know the licensing laws of Virginia?
  • Know the Virginia curfew law?
  • Know the law concerning passenger restrictions?

More Information

Find more detailed information on the Virginia licensing process for teens, visit the following Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles web pages: