Watch and Learn….

March 20, 2017


Prom is right around the corner….right after Spring Break people will be getting excited to go to their first dance with all of their friends! This is a very exciting time for those that already have their license.

Are you ready to make a few smart choices BEFORE that night?

Temptation is inevitable but you as a parent can start talking to your teen about the consequences that will come after using alcohol and drugs on a night like this. Besides it is never too late to have these conversations with your teens because once they start thinking about driving on their own….they will be responsible for their actions behind the wheel. You will not be there to help them say yes or no to a situation, person or action.

Talk to your teen about the use of drugs and alcohol – these conversations WILL SAVE THEIR LIFE!

Mock up crash programs are being performed all throughout the US and are really showing teens the step by step consequences of drinking and driving, how a crash scene is looks like with EMT present, police arresting the driver and the mock death of a teen that gets driven out on a hearse.

Give them a chance to talk about these choices now….before they get behind the wheel today!

Check out the ‘Mock crash’ here