Bigger Isn’t Safer

September 14, 2023

You might think that a bigger vehicle offers better protection for your child, but this just isn’t true. In 2021, more than a third (37%) of the children killed while riding in light pickup trucks were unrestrained, followed closely by SUVs (36%), passenger cars (36%), and vans (34%). Whatever type of vehicle you have, children are safest when correctly secured in the right car seats or booster seats for their ages and sizes. The size of your vehicle doesn’t change the fact that all kids need to be properly buckled in the right seat, every trip.

Find Out More

NHTSA encourages everyone who drives child passengers to check out its free, online resources at

  • Car Seat Types: Determine whether your child fits best in a rear-facing car seat, forward-facing car seat, booster seat, or seat belt.
  • Car Seat Recommendations: Review NHTSA’s recommendations for the best car seat for your child’s age and size.
  • Find and Compare: Find and compare car seats with NHTSA’s handy car seat finder, which also searches specific brands.
  • Download NHTSA’s SaferCar appand save your vehicle and car seat info in your “virtual garage.” If any of your saved equipment is included in a safety recall, the app will send you a notification.


For more information on child car seat safety, as well as how to find other car seat check events, go to